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Our consultants are the cornerstone of each one of our projects. They are at the centre of Axsens’ development and constitute the principal resource of our company. More than prestigious diplomas or interesting business experiences, we are looking for consultants who want to share our adventure and use their expertise to serve our customers.

If you too are eager to learn and share your expertise: join the Axsens ecosystem by submitting your CV and Cover Letter

Employee testimonies

Annie, consultant

• Tell us about your career path : “After 15 years in the metalwork industry, I wanted to pass on my experience and know-how which is why I joined BTE in 1998. My first projects were mostly at Airbus and then I had the opportunity to broaden my scope by working for other businesses in Toulouse in the area of Industrial Methods and Logistics.”
• What are your motivations? : I have always been attracted by a training role. So it’s exciting to go from one client to another having the opportunity to see how teams work together in elaborating and validating improvements, which are then put in place. Overseeing the review of old habits is often a major challenge.”

• Why did you choose Axsens? : ”For me, Axsens is the obvious place to be after the merger with BTE. It’s a company that continues to listen to its employees, which these days is essential.

Laurent, consultant

• Tell us about your career path: After 10 years in industry, I wanted to extend my experience to other sectors…whilst continuing to work in the area of supply chain.”

• What are your motivations? : Consulting work is very rewarding. It allows you to discover many different manufacturing processes as well as diverse working methods. When we come to a company, it’s as doctors to fix service rates or other company ailments. In addition, we have the opportunity to deal with both multinationals and family businesses.

• Why did you choose Axsens? : Axsens is a consultancy firm specialized in both supply chain and industrial methods. We deal with challenging and transversal issues. This specialisation is one of the keys to being competent and successful in this job.