AXSENS is a professional Consulting and Training firm,

specialised in Supply Chain, Lean Management and industrial methods

75% of our business is repeat business, which is a core part of our company development, particularly on the international scene, through subsidiaries as well as our clients’ own suppliers who choose to renew their confidence in us.

…a strong, continual, and guided growth evidenced in the last 10 years. 25 personnel from 10 different countries, …ready to work with you in 10 different languages.

From family businesses through to the major contractors, Axsens Bte is proud to assist each of our 300 customers.

Our ambition is to help you carry on the development of a long-lasting structure.

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Axsens  in figures:

300 customers 25 senior consultants
10 languages spoken and 10 nationalities 3 offices : Paris, Toulouse, Lyon

We travel everywhere to support you:


Axsens bte international