Material Traceability Study – RFID


Success target

  • Innovation in the material traceability process
  • Selection of most appropriate technical solutions
  • Laboratory tests of final selected option


Busy warehouse with pallet trucks working

  • Major industrial company seeking market differentiation
  • Highly regulated environment
  • Added value business productivity: operation and documentation
  • Aggressive marketing
  • Industry: Construction
  • Country:  France
ActionsSkilled Workers
  • Analysis of current process and target definition
  • Definition of appropriate technological options
  • Publication of manuals
  • Publication of summarized work specifications:
  • Process and solutions
  • Definition and documentation of laboratory tests and follow-up


graphique à baton + flèche

  • Targeted process and introduction to selected partners
  • Launch of industrial innovation confirmed
  • Openings for new R&D topics and associated partner