Industrial Excellence


Success target

  • Improving performance of all companies of the sector
  • Set-up of Continuous Improvement approach
  • Developing a culture shared between clients and suppliers through change management


Busy warehouse with pallet trucks working

  • Power8 plan: need for fast results
  • Project participants: an industrial centre, as well as several companies of varied sizes and cultures
  • First attempt at Continuous Improvement ended in failure (2004-2007)
  • Industry: Aerospace (composite materials)
  • Country: France
ActionsSkilled Workers Lean Enterprise project deployed on all company sites:

  • Project organisation: structure, schedule, steps
  • Creation of a Lean framework (charter, organisational structure and documents)
  • Project team and training on Lean method and tools put in place
  • Launch workshops
  • Launch of Lean projects on workshop layout and work flow, equipment availability, organisation, re-industrialisation, communication, visual and participative management
  • First pilot projects monitored
  • Later projects in production, support functions and at suppliers coached
  • Support of change management: Industrial Excellence (training the trainers, on the ground implementation)
  • Audits to ensure the full adoption of the Lean approach


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  • Implementation of Lean / Continuous Improvement project
  • Launch of improvement projects
  • Adoption of Lean approach at company and supplier levels
  • Reduction of direct costs
  • Reduction of cycle time for industrial and administrative processes at company and supplier level