Workstation Ergonomics study


Success target

  • Validate ergonomics, work orders, assembly line layout for new electronic calculators


Busy warehouse with pallet trucks working

  • Company responsible for design, development, industrialisation, production and delivery of electronic calculators
  • Company wants an expert to come and validate the assembly workstations for the new products in order to better control risk of MSD (Musculoskeletal disorders)
  • Industry: automotive electronics
  • Country: France
ActionsSkilled Workers
  • Study of industrial methods conducted
  • Sections of study regarding layout and new workstation definition (supplier equipment specifications, plans, work instructions) applied
  • Dossiers analysed and work station changes suggested to ensure:
    • Changes to sides of production line
    • Line balance (standard times)
    • Formalisation of work orders and instruction sheets
    • Meeting of ergonomic demands
  • Rules for workstation changes according to task difficulty
  • Validation of the dossier by industrial methods manager


graphique à baton + flèche

  • Ergonomics and assembly work order validation
  • Assembly line layout
  • Control of MSD (Musculoskeletal disorders) risks