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The “Research & Methods” initiative was brought up to life as the result of Axsens’ commitment to continuously create value for its customers, not only through the delivery of the highest level of performance, but also through the development of innovative and practical solutions that respond to their day-to-day needs.

R&M plays an integral role of Axsens’ life by:

  • Establishing a favorable ecosystem for innovation
  • Fostering lessons learnt and know-how capitalization and reuse
  • Facilitating transfer of knowledge into practical solutions
  • Promoting lasting partnerships with both academic and industrial partners
  • Establishing innovative and sustainable economic models
  • Contributing to continue leading edge topics

R&M initiative is guided by the following steps:

Community of Practice

Learn How to solve it while collaborating!

Problem Solving Community of Practice

An open, free & web-based community to network with peers and experts while sharing best practices, experiences and tools. A virtual place providing methodological support and practical solutions to industrial needs in the domain of Continuous Improvement and Problem Solving

Axsens bte developped with his partners a free sofware  PROWHY to support the continuous improvement in the companies. learn more about PROWHY 

Towards Agile Industrial Problem Solving

Improvement of Problem Solving methods thanks to the integration of agile concepts

By Valentina Maria Llamas

Towards Agile Industrial Problem SolvingExisting problem solving methods are applied, in most of the cases, like off-the-shelf solutions regardless of the nature of problems to be solved, the context that surrounds it and the level of skills and evidence available to eradicate it. In addition, a lack of flexibility to dynamically adjust the solving process workflow to fit with more complex, dynamic, networked, highly changing and uncertain contexts and problems is been observed during the application of these methods in industry. Our purpose is to provide an alternative to current problem solving technics by introducing more dynamic, incremental and flexible technics in a way such that processes and tools can be tailored to each problem context.