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The organizational environment is increasingly uncertain and complex. The link between the strategic and the operational evolves. This training will provide participants with a comprehensive overview of the S&OP process, its prerequisites such as flow strategy and delay, inventory policies, the forecasting process and data and tool fundamentals.

Duration : 2 days
Inter Price: 1 320€
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Understand the benefits of the S&OP
Be able to organize or contribute effectively to the implementation of the S&OP process
Adopt good operating practices for the S&OP process
Improve the efficiency of the S&OP process of your company

In the program

Module 1 : The need for S&OP in today’s environment

  • The evolution of the context: notion of “New standard” and VUCA (Volatile, uncertain, complex, ambiguous)
  • The limits of the budgetary tools to manage the operational aspects
  • Several levels and planning horizons

Module 2 : The link between strategy and operations

  • Delay and stock policies
  • The flow strategy – the positioning of stocks in manufacturing and distribution
  • The choice “stock”/”to order”: : MTS – ATO – MTO – ETO
  • The Make or Buy choices

Module 3 : The S&OP

  • The phases of the process
  • The actors, responsibilities and state of mind
  • The preparation of the validation meeting and the elaboration of the different scenarios
  • The “S&OP meeting” and the communication of decisions
  • The implementation of decisions and the PDP

Module 4 : The forecasting Process

  • The phases of the process
  • The actors, responsibilities and state of mind


Module 5 : The implementation Project and Continuous Improvement

  • Learning by walking
  • The good practices of the S&OP
  • The indicators

Module 6 : Building your forecasting system

  • The data
  • The tools

Module 7 : Building your S&OP calculation table

  • The data
  • The tools

Module 8 : Liaison with the PDP Master Production Programme


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