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Formation methods manufacturing "Agent Study Work"

The improvement of workstations and production lines requires efficient tools in order to take into account important parameters such as ergonomics, layouts, balancing, time, etc...

Duration : 9 days
Inter Price: 4 500€
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Be able to improve a workstation, a production line
Master the tools of analysis and evaluation of a workstation
Be able to lead an improvement project
Master a structured job analysis approach (OCORDAC)
Appropriate simple tools

In the program

A. Introduction méthodes

  • The company
  • Customer requirements
  • The technical function
  • The methods department
  • The A.S.W.
  • The study of work

B. Summary observations

  • The ABC curve, Pareto
  • Instant Observations (IO)
  • Product analysis
  • Process analysis  (VSM)
  • BTE analysis (bte111)
  • Performance indicators (TRS, TCT, FPY)

C. Choice of working station

  • Genba Walk
  • Takt Time
  • Neck & constraint

D. Detailed observation

  • Execution analysis
  • Flow analysis
  • Time measurement
  • Job analysis
  • Time classification
  • Simogram
  • Ergonomic profile of the workstation

E. To think about

  • Criticism using the Five W’s
  • Brainstorming, 5M
  • Solutions of principles
  • The basic ergonomic principles
  • Locations

F. Decide

  • Compatibility Matrix
  • Decision Matrix
  • Costing improvement proposals
  • Neutral graph

G. Act

  • Pilot project
  • Action plan
  • Standards
  • Basic principles of good communication

H. Checking

  • Measuring results
  • Validate earnings and ROI
  • Feedback (REX)

Realization: 1 personal project to be carried out during the training

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