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The implementation of the Kanban enables to improve reliability and then reduce lead times and stocks, by simplifying launch and procurement procedures and delegating them to the workshop and warehouse. This flow management and management technique is applicable to most industrial and logistics activities. It is not just designed for large series.

Duration : 2 days
Inter Price: 1 320€
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The objective of the training is to understand and then apply the Kanban method in stores and workshops,in conjunction with management in the ERP system:

 Acquire the theoretical basis, which is necessary to understand the Kanban method of supply

Calculate the dimensioning of Kanban loops

Make the link with the Supply Chain and the organization of inventory management

Identify the techniques for implementing the Kanban

In the program


Production managers and technicians, methods, quality departments, team leader

The Kanban method

• Objectives
• Kanban supplies
•Kanban manufacturing

The extended Kanban

•The inventory knowledge table
•Manufacturing and procurement planning
•The management of non-Kanban parts
• Special case management

The dimensioning

•The parameters: CMY, launch series, safety stock, containers
•The calculation of the number of labels
•The calculation table, the simulation of the different solutions
•Stock positioning

The Kanban implementation process

•A visual management tool
•Maintenance of the calculation table
•The link with the ERP system
•The DD MRP approach
•The changing role of production management services

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