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The organizational environment is increasingly uncertain and complex. Traditional methods have reached their limits and information systems are not sufficient to maintain the expected service rates with controlled stock levels. Many organizations see this through their poor stock distribution, the multiplication of files parallel to ERP and APS.

Duration: 2 days
Inter Price : 1 250€
Intra Price : Contact us for more information
Option : certification passage 250€


This training will allow participants to better master flow management in the company and to implement the principles of demand-driven flow.

Prerequisites: Several years’ experience in production or planning

In the program

Module 1: Today’s industrial challenges

Partie 1: Increasing complexity
Partie 2: The Leadership Challenge
Partie 3: Flow as an objective
Partie 4: Requirements for relevant information
Partie 5: Traditional distortions to obtain

Module 2: The classic difficulties for flows

Part 1: Variability and its impact on the flow
Partie 2: Distortion of planning information
Partie 3: Distortion of financial information
Partie 4: The need for a New Cogware

Module 3: The emergence of a new management model

Module 4: The demand-driven operating model

Part 1: Demand-driven planning (DDMRP)
Part 2: Scheduling and demand-driven execution

Module 5: Flow-based indicators

Module 6: Demand-driven Industrial and Commercial Plan (DDS&OP)

Part 1: Tactical configuration and tactical/strategic reconciliation
Partie 2: Tactical Level Review
Partie 3: Projection at the tactical level
Partie 4: Exploiting Tactical Potential
Partie 5: Reconciliation at the strategic level
Partie 6: The Adaptive Industrial and Commercial Plan (Adaptive S&OP)

Module 7: The path to developing an adaptive demand-led enterprise

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