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The survey is the highlight of customer satisfaction evaluation and a crucial moment in the process. Indeed, it allows to make the link between the quality requests of the supplier (taking into account market expectations) and the perceived quality by the customer.

Duration : 3 days
Inter Price : 1 735€
Intra Price: Contact us for more information

Accessible to persons with reduced mobility


Implement customer satisfaction measurement to lead to a progress approach
Evaluate the customer’s purchasing criteria
Assess latent, implicit needs
Master the survey techniques, know how to interpret the results and implement a quality action plan in the company

In the program

 The challenges of quality in the company

  • Customer requirements
  • Quality awareness
  • Listening to customers

The investigator’s behaviour

  • How to communicate?
  • Importance of the recognition of the other
  • The basics of effective communication
  • Active listening
  • Know-how in specific situations
  • How to deal with disagreements and controversies

Examples of behaviour and simulation: Client interviews

  • The choice of interlocutors
  • Preparation of the interview

The Questionnaire

  • Objectives sought
  • Types of questionnaire, depending on the purpose of the survey
  • Main points to which the questions relate
  • The different types of questions
  • Principles for writing the questionnaire
  • Questionnaire testing

Analysis of the interviews

  • How to remain faithful to the customer’s perception ?
  • How to use the mass of information collected ?
  • How to identify the main points of the survey ?

The progress action plan

  • The exploitation of results
  • Detection of priority actions
  • Communication of results (internally, to clients)
  • The implementation of the action plan
  • The new measurement of customer satisfaction

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