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Training - labour law for managers

Managing people to improve operational performance in the short and medium term is a major challenge for a company. Making the right decision is just as important for a manager. It must take into account the political, economic, technical and social context in order to further federate the team and keep those concerned by the decision in a positive dynamic. This is why managers must have basic legal knowledge to manage their sometimes complex situations.

Duration : 2 days
Inter Price : 1 320€
Intra Price : Contact us for more information

Accessible to persons with reduced mobility


Know the basics of labour law necessary for effective and efficient management
Knowing how to react to legal situations

In the program

 Part 1: Recruiting a new employee

  • Principles to be respected in the recruitment process
  • Types of contracts
  • Specificities of part-time assignment
  • Trial period

Part 2: Integrating social regulations into day-to-day management

  • Training employees
  • Conduct an annual interview / Conduct a reframing interview
  • Optimize working time
  • Dealing with leave requests
  • Ensure the health and safety of employees

Part 3: Managing the delegation hours of employee representatives

  • What is the credit for hours
  • Is it necessary to have prior agreement before taking hours?
  • Is it necessary to have a notice period?

Part 4: Checking and sanctioning employees

  • Sanctioning an employee
  • Impose a sanction
  • Sanction an unjustified absence
  • Respond to physical or verbal abuse

Part 5: Knowing the main ways in which the permanent contract is broken

  • The dismissal
  • Conventional rupture

Teaching methods

a) Contributions, demonstrations and testimonies may be brought by participants to enrich the exchanges
b) Tutorials:

  • Workshop on a reframing interview
  • Workshop on how to deal with a leave request

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