Axsens bte expands its international presence in Germany - Axsens bte

Axsens bte has become truly international, with the opening in the coming months of its new Hamburg, Germany office.

“We have always been an international company through the diversity of our employees and through long term relationships with international clients,” said AXSENS-bte President, Aymeric de Valroger. “Now, we want to establish a long-standing local office with the objective to be closer to our German clients.”.

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Combining local success with group synergies

The aim of Axsens bte Germany, like in France, is to become a company specializing in consulting, training and audits.

“We want to develop a nice 10-20 person team to get a mature office combining local success with group synergies,” said Aymeric.

Recently hired as the new Consulting Services Director for Axsens bte Germany, Jan Zander accepted this challenge and joined AXSENS in February 2023. Why did he take the leap?

“I wanted adventure. After Covid and after having children, I made up my mind to do something new. Axsens bte is giving me this opportunity.”

Growing by surrounding ourselves

Jan’s aim is to develop the business and grow the team.

“I am looking for people with an entrepreneurial mindset, who are interested in building a GmbH, to make the complete adventure from creating an office from scratch and building up a solid team,” said Jan. “At the same time, joining Axsens Germany is not as risky as a true start-up because it has the solid structure and support of Axsens France behind it.”

Aymeric also underlined the need for highly motivated people :

“who want to launch an efficient enterprise built on strong social and environmental values. Individual empowerment will be a key success factor,” he said.

A common DNA

The Germany office will proudly carry on the Axsens DNA as it already exists in France, where a collaborative spirit is felt amongst employees and when working with clients. Industry partnerships will also characterize the Germany office, and the direction expects many synergies across the French and German teams.

“Similarly, as in France, we target strong partnerships with our clients but also with consulting & training partners in our industry to complete each other with available consultants, bandwidth and competences,” said Aymeric.

AXSENS Germany has successfully kicked off business with existing clients in the Aerospace sector. To accelerate this ramp up, it will also leverage existing AXSENS-bte international clients. What can AXSENS Germany offer that other consultancy firms cannot?

Jan answered: “We will offer our energy, motivation and competences to accelerate our clients’ development and transformation journey towards greater efficiency, in terms of lead time reduction, cost and quality efficiencies.”

For more information

To learn more about AXSENS Germany, feel free to contact Jan Zander on LinkedIn.