Le cabinet conseil Axsens BTE | Consultants & Formateurs au service de la performance industrielle de votre entreprise à Toulouse, Paris, Nantes et Lyon.




« For more than 15 years, our mission is to take up the industrial challenges of today and tomorrow. We work with our clients and consultants according to four key values: teamwork, integrity, respect and synergy.

Thanks to our expertise, we lead projects with more than 300 clients, in various sectors of activity and we are committed to putting our transversal skills at your service.

Our customers appreciate the scope of our services. This allows us to build with clients a true relationship of trust. As a matter of fact, 70% of our missions are renewed »

The main assets of Axsens bte:

  • A human-sized consulting company that puts customers first
  • A team of multicultural consultants and trainers
  • The guarantee of high-quality and value-added work thanks to our multi-business expertise
  • Continuous monitoring of new market needs and trends
  • Hands-on consultants, supporting your teams in the field.
  • Transfer of skills in order to increase autonomy of your teams

since 2014, Axsens bte is in partnership with ENIT

But also other partners…

If we had to define Axsens in four words….

Team Spirit 

our consultants work most of the time at our clients’ premises and in teams, in order to promote “cross-look » interaction. Our clients’ teams actively participate in missions with our consultants.

Our consultants regularly share their workload to smooth it out. No consultant works in silos, teamwork is their driving force. The success of the project is the result of a team and not of individuals.


we guarantee the confidentiality of information exchanged with our clients.

Our consultants all follow highest standards of conduct at our clients’ premises and within Axsens bte. Their professionalism is exemplary.


Respect of intervention deadlines, respect of our clients’ corporate culture and respect of our commitments.

Our teams work closely with their line managers in a transparent manner. The consultant is systematically highlighted for the work accomplished, while giving consideration to the team.


Our clients benefit from our wide business knowledge through interventions in various sectors of activity.

Our consultants benefit from systematic sharing of experiences between Axsens team members, as well as sharing of good practices.

Once upon a time Axsens bte…

Whatever their size, SMEs or big organizations, companies must join forces and master their skills in order to meet increasingly demanding customer expectations and perform in an increasingly globalized world

We are an Operational Excellence consulting company, born from the merger between the Axsens agency, created in 2005 by Aymeric de Valroger, specialized in Industrial Supply Chain, and the bte (Bureau des Temps Élémentaires) association, created in 1938.

Close to people and to your realities, we always ready to adapt and innovate. Our objective, for more than 15 years, is to give you access to the best methods and tools for continuous improvement.

Our teams have the mission to make your organizations more reliable, adaptable and agile, while respecting people and their well-being. This requires a wide range of expertise, covering the entire industrial chain, while using essential methods!

Since 2017, the firm has constantly broadened its horizons by merging with the Lyon-based consulting firm BELIER ASSOCIES, bringing the number of offices to four: Toulouse, Paris, Nantes and Lyon. Opening up to the international market, particularly in Germany, is at the heart of our development strategy in the coming years.

  • 1938

    Birth of an interprofessional association for the study of work during the National Committee of the French Organization (CNOF): the Office of Elementary Times (bte) was born.

  • 1992

    Creation of BELIER ASSOCIES by Denis De Boissieu and Pierre Bourgesoisat

  • 2000

    BELIER ASSOCIES is ISO 9001 certified

  • 2005

    Axsens created in Toulouse by Aymeric de Valroger, specialized in the industrial Supply Chain.

  • 2007

    bte is ISO 9001 certified

  • 2009

    Launch of the Paris office of Axsens and creation of the APN® network (Axsens Professionals Network)

  • 2010

    Merger of Axsens & bte firms. The box brand becomes the Axsens “Training” brand. Axsens merged firm receives ISO 9001 v2008 certification

  • 2011

    Over 300 clients trust the firm!

  • 2014

    Creation of the Innovation department of Axsens bte (Research & Methods) in partnership with the ANR (National Research Agency)

    Denis de Boissieu is one of the first European DD MRP instructors accredited by the Demand Driven Institute

  • 2015

    Axsens bte celebrates its 10 years. 1st IPSM conference on problem solving.

  • 2017

    Axsens bte joins the first French companies certified ISO 9001 v 2015

    Axsens bte expands its geographic scope in Lyon by merging with the Lyonnais firm BELIER ASSOCIES