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Become an expert

Coaching you to go further ! 

Society is changing. Managers have to deal with new situations related to the use of digital technologies, the expectations of younger generations, the complexity of organizations (networks, project mode, hierarchy).

Ways to learn, access and transfer knowledge are evolving.  Managers need support to be able to take a step back and build their own solutions.

A human-centered approach is becoming increasingly important in projects and in work environments. AXSENS takes a human-centered approach from the beginning and throughout the entire project. Our approach strongly contributes to improving lead times, performance and the sustainability of results.

In the coaching process, the client co-builds with the Coach a solution based on his/her own job experience. Through careful listening, questioning, academic and theoretical input, and at times honest confrontation, the Coach enables the client to develop his/her own solution. This process also leads to a better integration of new methods.

Our Coaching is designed for individuals, project teams, management teams or the entire organization. We help every person evolve to gain autonomy in their role. Our organizational coaching builds on collective intelligence.

During coaching sessions, our Coaches rely on ethical rules, particularly regarding confidentiality, in order to establish a relationship of trust, which is absolutely necessary to get the most out of our coaching.


Coaching, yes! But how?


Define needs
Axsens bte’s Coaches work with individuals/teams to identify their coaching needs and to formalize the objectives to be achieved, whether in terms of individual behaviour, technical expertise or collective operational methods. Our Coaches then recommend a customized support process. All commitments and expected results are then formalized in a contract.


Provide individualized support

On the basis of a clearly established agreement, individual coaching is provided in different ways: face-to-face working sessions, situational observation, in the field, meetings with key people. In all these settings, our Coaches provide a protective framework that allows clients to express themselves openly. Caring is a cornerstone of our working sessions. We aim to foster growth through a trust relationship that enables real transparency.


Support teams
Coaching teams and whole organizations fosters alignment toward a shared vision, ultimately producing new and often innovative solutions. Based on collective and emotional intelligence, team building contributes to team morale and gives meaning to transformation projects. Axsens bte supports its clients by conducting seminars with innovative (world café, open forum, Klaxoon) and entertaining methods (serious games, around jazz, rugby,).

Axsens bte coaches: who are they ?

« If we ask men well, if we ask them well, they discover the truth about everything on their own.” – Platon. »