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Look into the future

Innovation is at the heart of our strategy : we continuously enhance our value proposition for the benefit of our clients.

The Research & Methods division plays an integral role in the life of Axsens bte by:

  • Establishing an ecosystem conducive to innovation
  • Fostering learnings, capitalizing on knowledge and reusing knowledge
  • The ease of knowledge transfer into practical solutions
  • Establishing sustainable partnerships with academic and industrial partners
  • Establishing innovative and sustainable models
  • Contributing to further lead cutting edge researches

experts accompany you to prepare for the future


ResPro2: Culture Proactive Problem Solving

Methodological approach to structure and perpetuate a true corporate culture in problem solving within the organization.

Producing well the first time by systematically and sustainably eliminating problems from the root becomes possible thanks to our support proposal.

We have developed in partnership with the ENI engineering school of Tarbes a free and open source software: Prowhy

As a real support for a continuous improvement approach in companies, it makes it possible to:

  • Implement proven methodologies as well as the standard problem-solving toolbox;
  • Manage and monitor action plans effectively;
  • Facilitate capitalization and feedback

Applied research and innovation projects to support the transformation towards the Factory of the Future

ResPro 2.0 for the Factory of the Future is a collaborative innovation project.

It aims to develop innovative solutions for performance management as close as possible to products and to set up structured and harmonised approaches to solving the problems of SMEs and ITEs in the aeronautics and space sectors in the Midi-Pyrénées region.

It has been achieved thanks to remote, mobile, connected and agile interfaces.

This project aims to develop a cognitive feedback system for the dynamic capitalization and reuse in problem solving knowledge through the implementation and support of a problem-solving approach.

Knowledge-based processes, Agile and Collaborative

We have implemented several applied research projects in collaboration with the administration (ANR: national research agency, regional clusters), and competitiveness clusters.

The aim is to create together new methodologies to anticipate tomorrow’s needs and services, that will meet the challenges of the industry of the future.

Today, 3 doctoral thesis projects (CIFRE) and 1 collaborative research project (ANR-OPERA) are part of our initiatives.

Creation and animation of a collaborative ecosystem to promote the diffusion and sharing of our know-how

Community of Practice Problem Solving

This community is a crossroads for methodological exchanges between industry, academia and institutions and aims to promote the development and sharing of good practices while bringing together a network of experts around a high value-added service offer.

This community of practice is open to all and offers a dedicated platform for sharing knowledge and tools.

IPSM Workshop Conference

This thematic day takes place each year in November. Professionals gather around plenary conferences, round tables, practical workshops, sharing sessions and solution demonstrations. This day brings together about a hundred professionals from various industries. It is sponsored by major players in innovation and industry.

If you share, as we do, the desire to build your strategy on the basis of partnership relations that bring together the respective know-how, please feel free to contact our innovation team without delay.

 ProWhy Software

Resulting from the collaboration between the ENI engineering school of Tarbes and Axsens bte, ProWhy is a support tool for solving problems in companies.

It has been designed to structure, memorize, share information and foster experience feedback by supporting the most common problem-solving approaches (PDCA, 8D, 9S) in an integrated, visual and collaborative way.

METHODS: Not all problems encountered are to be treated at the same level. It is therefore necessary to differentiate methods while maintaining a common database

COLLABORATION : Workgroup Animation Support in Workshops and Collaborative Information Sharing Tool

TOOLS : The main problem-solving tools have been modelled and pre-registered by integrating methodological guides and having an intuitive, visual and easy-to-use approach

MANAGEMENT: Allows you to perform associated actions (visual PDCA model, report editing and workflow)

CAPITALIZATION : Capitalizing on experience to gain reliability “right the first time” requires managing a structured database that facilitates analysis



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But how?


Create favourable conditions for innovation to take place


Define targets to work on topics that have added value


Capitalize on knowledge to disseminate good practices and this prevent problems from reccurring


Increase knowledge to avoid finding excellent solutions to false problems


Generate ideas to go beyond the already known solutions


Select the right project to make the most of ressources


Select the right partners to increase skills and accelerate solutions


Focus on the client to turn concepts into effective solutions

« Innovation distinguishes between a leader and a follower » – Steve Jobs