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Since 2005, we have been helping all kinds of organizations, from family-run SMEs to large groups, to boost their industrial performance: supply chain, continuous improvement, industrial methods, logistics and transport, etc.

Our Services

We base our consulting services on the experience, rigorous selection and seniority of our expert consultants, as well as on their complementary fields of expertise. We enable you to meet new challenges, increase your autonomy and boost your performance in operational excellence.

We support you to gain competence and competitiveness through inter- and intra-company professional training. Our expert trainers will guide you through the steps, methods and tools you will need to apply to succeed. In addition to our catalogue of training courses, we can also provide you with tailor-made training courses that are fully in line with your objectives.

To cope with the complexity of organizations and new working environments, our coaching provides the operational solution to your daily challenges. Our experienced and qualified coaches will design your customized individual or team coaching session.

Responsiveness and agility are nowadays essential for companies in order to successfully carry out their transformation projects, be it development projects or performance optimization projects. Our interim management solution will enable you to quickly benefit from highly adapted and experienced external resources.

Axsens is committed to creating value for its customers. As a result, the “Research & Methods” program was designed, not only to guarantee the highest level of performance, but also to develop practical and innovative solutions that meet the daily needs of the clients.


Cas Daher en
Avion Daher
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Mobilize the company on industrial performance in order to significantly improve operating results, by using the Lean approach:
• Significantly reduce work- in-progress,
• Control product quality and shorten delivery times
• Reorganize the industrial site layout in order to foster fluidity of production flows (location, workstations and ergonomics - safety)
Improve the elaboration of client’s quotation by a reliable approach to range scales.

Context :

Input data :
• Strong pressure on costs, quality and deadlines by the contractors (aircraft manufacturers)
• New activity within the Daher Group (resulting from the acquisition of companies)
• High labour force activity
• Strong growth cluster

Mission :

Deployment of the Lean Manufacturing approach on all sites:

• Lean diagnosis (maturity matrix)
• Creation of the Lean reference system (charter, organizational structure and documents)
• Building of the project team and training of the team in Lean methodology and tools
•Launching of Lean projects dealing with implementation and flow issues, as well as equipment availability, organization, re-industrialization, communication, visual and participative management
Driving the first pilot projects
Coaching of the following Production projects,
• Animation of the Continuous Improvement process
Time measurement:
• Timing training
• Time measurement campaign on all product families at 2 French sites (time recording, video analysis)
• Repositioning of the operating ranges

Project features :

Business sector : Aeronautics
Expertise: Quality and Continuous Improvement
Location: France (Montrichard, Luceau, St Nazaire) and Morocco (Tangier)

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Avion Daher
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Streamline the Distribution Logistics process with the dual objective of:
• Reduce storage and distribution costs by 40%.
• Improve delivery times (guaranteed fixed delivery times of 24, 48 or 72 hours in Europe)

Context :

Input data :
• High productivity loss due to local warehouses (infrastructure, storage and cutting equipment, human resources) in each European country
• High volume of high-speed steel stocks
• A fragmented and disparate organization from one country to another
• Degraded customer image

Mission :

• Industrial diagnosis of the existing system and production of a set of recommendations,
• Elaboration of specifications for a European centre
• Call for tender among service providers
• Analysis of offers and site visits
• Selection of the selected service provider
• Choice of location (barycentre)
• Assistance in drafting the operating contract
• Operational implementation of the European Centre

• Phasing of the ramp-up
• Support to the service provider until the stabilization phase
• Field support
• Set-up of procedures and operating procedures
• Staff training
• Set-up of the management structure (Visual Management, performance indicators, Steering Committees)

Project features :

Business sector: Industry
Expertise: Logistics and Transport
Location: Factories in France (2 sites) and Sweden, clients in Europe and worldwide

Cas Satys en
Avion Daher
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• Implementing a project management process based on the APQP (Advanced Product Quality Planning) approach/methodology, including its adaptation, which depends on the complexity of the project, the type of product, the context, etc.
• The ultimate goal is to create a single standard, to be used systematically for any new project launch.

Context :

Input data:
• Pressure on costs, quality and deadlines by the contractors (aircraft manufacturers)
• Anticipate the deployment of the EN9145 standard
• Anticipate the demand from Aeronautical customers (e.g. AIRBUS) for the deployment of this new standard

Mission :

The project was carried out in 5 stages:
1-Building a SATYS working group
2-Heightening awareness of the working group to the APQP
3-Creation of the APQP SATYS Group Standard & Creation of the APQP SATYS Group training module
4-Training in the APQP SATYS Group Standard
5-Support of the working group

Project characteristic :

Business sector: Aeronautics
Expertise: Industrial maturity
Location: Toulouse (Blagnac)

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Join us

Join a consulting firm on a human scale and be part of a dynamic team where you can evolve quickly by developing your skills through training and hands-on missions and by using your skills to enhance businesses across multiple industries.

We are not only seeking profiles with diplomas! We believe in diversity in the fullest sense of the term, including people who are passionate, pragmatic, with a keen sense of initiative and who want to build the future of Axsens bte with us, regardless of whether or not they have a diploma.

We are committed to offering our team members a true career development path through training, but also an annual appraisal and performance interview, in order to set individual objectives and monitor growth towards those objectives.


Tailor-made training

To cope with an increasingly competitive and changing environment, companies must move quickly and adapt to change.

Over more than 15 years, Axsens bte has developed a strong expertise in different fields of operational excellence: quality and continuous improvement, supply chain, industrial methods, industrial maturity, logistics and transport, change management and leadership. Furthermore, Axsens bte has set up a complete training offer, in order to transfer its skills and expertise.

Our training program includes the following courses: Green Belt and Black Belt Lean Six Sigma, Demand Driven Planner (DDP), Advanced Product Quality Planning (APQP), time measurement (timing), proximity management (non-exhaustive list).

In addition to our inter and intra-company training catalogue, we develop tailor-made training courses that perfectly meet your challenges and objectives.

To better support you, our pedagogical approach is based on learning by doing. As such, our training courses will focus on 30% theory and 70% practice (games, serious games, practical cases, etc.).

Upcoming training courses

Training – Key Characteristics (KC)

You wish to:
• Control risks during development and production of your products
• Control your processes
• Better structure your priorities
• Better meet the expectations of your external and internal clients
• Improve your performance
• Anticipate possible deviations

Price/session: 1 495€ – 1,5 days
Available : distance, english

Training – Managerial performance: Management and Leadership

Leadership is unfortunately rarely addressed in managerial practices. A lot of time is spent developing managerial skills without integrating those of the leader. These skills are complementary and inseparable. The leaders are focused on change and management, while the managers are focused on the management of activities and their complexity.
The complementarity of the two often ensures an improvement in the performance of a team on an individual and collective basis and therefore the achievement of results.

1 735€ – 3 days
contact us

Training – Be an actor of its change and live it better

Change is a state of affairs whose objective may be daily or medium-term. Change is made necessary by the necessity to improve technical, human and/or organisational performance. Effective change must be accepted by the members of the board of directors, by managers and by employees.
Change must take place in a serene climate, where stress must be turned to a positive, energizing and non-destructive factor. The conditions for achieving change must be understood at all levels of the company. Each actor of the company must be able to express himself in his working environment in order to better understand the transition between the situation before change and the situation after. Whatever the nature of the change, it must be systematically accompanied by communication adapted to the actors.

1 320€ – 2 days
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Training – Labour law for managers

Managing people to improve operational performance in the short and medium term is a major challenge for a company. Making the right decision is just as important for a manager. It must take into account the political, economic, technical and social context in order to further federate the team and keep those concerned by the decision in a positive dynamic. This is why managers must have basic legal knowledge to manage their sometimes complex situations.

1 320€ – 2 days
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Your Questions, Our Answers

Does Axsens bte provide certifying training courses?

The Green Belt Lean 6 sigma and Black Belt Lean 6 sigma courses are certifying courses. They are conducted under the accreditation issued by the Lean 6 Sigma University. All the training days combine theoretical input, case studies and practical exercises.

How do you make sure that your input remains pragmatic?

Both for consulting and training missions, we use a methodology based on a mix between theory and practice. We call it « Form’action ». Each action in the field provides concrete results, that contribute to our clients’ continuous improvement process.

Do you have the ability to operate internationally?

International culture is part of Axsens bte’s DNA and our consultants operate all over the world according to our clients’ needs, whether for consulting or training.

Do you have the possibility to upskill people on the APQP Aerospace and on the IAQG9145 standard?

We have a cluster of experts working in aeronautics who have deployed the APQP in several companies on the basis of the international standard. They are experts on the methods and associated tools.

Do you provide training on the FMECA maturity methods?

Our trainers / coaches on methods of proactivity and therefore industrial maturity do provide training internationally on FMECA methods, problem solving, control plan, key characteristics and their management through statistical tools such as MSA, SPC.


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