Optimisez votre processus industriel pour gagner en compétitivité
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Our Mission: Optimize your processes to gain in competitiveness

As a real growth driver and crucial factor of competitiveness, companies must nowadays optimize their processes.

Methods in industrial companies has considerably evolved. They are now consistent with LEAN transformation approaches.

For several years now, in all sectors of activity, there has been an acceleration in the production cycles of new products, shorter product life cycles and an growing demand for customization from buyers. This tends to happen earlier and earlier in the manufacturing process. These changes have a significant impact on the product mix and require industries to perfectly optimize their processes to remain competitive.

Coming from the bte, our experts have a perfect knowledge of industrial methods and support you in optimising your processes.


Determination of times (chrono-analysis):

“Give each task its right time”

Time measurement makes it possible to analyse a work situation factually and to identify areas for improvement (ergonomics, synchronization of tasks, work organization, etc.) in order to increase the operator’s efficiency: a maximum of useful tasks performed with a minimum of energy spent.

Time measurement is one of the first tools of continuous improvement, because it allows to accurately measure what happens in a work environment and to divide operations into Value Added/Non-Value-Added operations.

Flow and implementation (work organization):

“Plan the most optimal organization and cycle”

Covers various elements such as: operating ranges and estimated times, tools and equipment to be used, location of the substation / line, logistics flows and organization, balancing and effective commitment, etc.


Intervention within a company responsible for the design, conception, industrialization, production and delivery of electronic computers. The wanted to use expert knowledge to validate the assembly stations of its new products to better control its MSD risks.

To respond to its problems, several actions have been implemented:

  • Industrial methods studies
  • Analysis of the implementation study and definition of new workstations
  • Analysis of files and proposals for the layout of workstations to ensure security:
  • Chain edge arrangements
  • Line balancing (time standards)
  • Formalization of ranges and instruction sheets
  • Ergonomics criteria
  • Rules for changing positions according to the difficulty of the tasks
  • Validation of files with the business manager in charge of Industrial Methods

In terms of results:

  • Validation of ergonomics and assembly ranges
  • Installation of assembly lines
  • MSD Risk Management

Job study and ergonomics:

“Observe everything, write everything down, measure everything.”

This includes the study of ergonomics, task flow analysis, validation of estimated times and the implementation of a continuous improvement process.

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Time measurement (Timing)

Improve production flows by locations

Ergonomics and working conditions