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Our Mission: Identify performance drivers to optimize your logistics and transport division

In a context of increasingly rapid globalization of trade, logistics and transport activities are crucial to adjust to the new ways of consuming and meet the environmental requirements.

Logistics could be defined as “the art and manner of making a given product available at the right time, in the right place, at the right cost and with the best quality”.

As a source of added value, logistics aims to implement the principles of continuous improvement (link to the page) by ensuring proper coordination between supply and demand and this by covering various actions, ranging from the supply on delivery to inventory management.

Its optimization is a key element in operational excellence. It is therefore essential and highly sought after by the majority of companies.

The challenges of controlled logistics and transport are significant. Today, we have to deal with increasingly demanding customers who are concerned about quality and speed of delivery.

We will help you and your clients to achieve your goals by learning to supply you without load interruption, use a suitable distribution network, deliver on time while controlling the overall cost, or optimize your warehouses.

Thanks to its adapted approach and innovative methods, our teams will help you to build the action plan that will make your logistics efficient.


Logistics master plan

They are many reasons why Supply Chain departments are rethinking their logistics master plan: external growth, mergers, product diversification, increased demand, focus on value-added tasks, etc.

The definition of a logistics master plan is a strategic step for your company and requires looking at the entire supply chain, from the supplier to your warehouse, including your customer.

We support you in defining this new scheme by helping you to raise the relevant questions.

Transport Call for Tender

We support your teams in the following areas:

  • Acquisition of the context, definition of the detailed scope
  • Definition of objectives
  • Data collection (volume, resources, etc…) in collaboration with your teams’ feedback and in line with the objectives set
  • Data formatting and drafting of specifications
  • Pre-selection of potential service providers. Publication of the specifications and follow-up
  • Answers analysis and simulation
  • Negotiation Support and Short List 2nd round
  • Selection support / choice matrix
  • Option: Contract drafting support in coordination with operations and legal services

We bring you the following results:

  • Fast preparation of calls for tenders
  • Pre-identification of gain axes
  • Better communication with service providers
  • A shorter and more efficient AO processing cycle through the use of reproducible and streamlined processes,
  • Intelligent and optimized selection that compares price, quality, service and capacity factors


With more than 10 years of experience in transport and logistics, the results obtained are significant and variable depending on the degree of maturity of the companies. Transport expenses are often neglected. They are however a source of high savings for companies.

Axsens’ large experience in support for transport tenders enables savings between 7 to 35% of the company’s transport budget.

Reducing your transport costs is a major growth driver, more likely to generate profit than to increase sales.

Dynamic flow simulation:

With more than 20 years of experience in dynamic flow simulation, our teams have acquired a real expertise at the service of the largest companies.

Simulation is first and foremost a decision-making tool. Whether in the design phase to “get it right the first time”, or in the maturity phase to modify / improve the existing system, simulation supports you throughout your project.

Simulation is also a tool to convince: “A good sketch is better than a long speech”

Finally, it is also a communication tool that helps you illustrate your project and make it a differentiator!

We have the right expertise & transport training module for you !

Optimize practices and methods for carrying out transport tenders

The fundamentals of the Purchasing function: role, responsibility, process, full cost, call for tenders and supplier management