Formations Lean & Six Sigma, Supply Chanin, Méthodes industrielles, maturité industrielle, management des hommes et conduite du changement
Axsens BTE


Train and Grow ! 

At Axsens bte we propose and build various training courses in order to help our consultants and clients to build skills across all our consulting activities.

We contribute to the personal development of our consultants by giving them access to new knowledge in order to develop their know-how and interpersonal skills in various fields of expertise. Thanks to their theoretical and field experience, our most experienced consultants lead inter and intra-company training courses and give classes in prestigious schools.

We adapt to all companies, we can train you in inter or intra-company (face-to-face, distance or blended learning). All our trainings are accessible to people with disabilities, whatever their handicap. Lunch and training materials are included in our prices for in-house training.

We have built our training range around 5 themes:

  • Lean & Six Sigma
  • Supply Chain
  • Industrial methods
  • Industrial maturity
  • Human Resources Management and Change Management

Our consultants remain at your disposal to answer your questions or guide you in the choice of your training.

An innovative training approach

We are committed to a true skills transfer approach by making you the actor of your training: 70% practical application and 30% theoretical contributions. This is why our customers have access to all of our training catalogs and why we also offer customized courses.

We are constantly innovating and seeking to improve in order to offer you varied and relevant teaching tools: serious games, catapults, videos, case studies, Lego, etc. This is why 70% of our interventions are practical.

All our training courses are concluded with a certificate of completion and some of our courses are certified and eligible for funding by the OPCO.

Field support: “Train’Action”

We offer a range of training courses delivered directly in the industrial field. This allows the concepts and tools of the training to be put into practice directly and to benefit from a personalized coaching offer that motivates each individual and accelerates autonomy.

A practical learning process that is more quickly and efficiently assimilated!

Our accreditations and certifications

Our firm is a training organization registered under the activity number 73 31 05896 31. We are certified Iso 9001 since 2008, DataDocked and certified QUALIOPI for training actions.

We develop partnerships with training organizations and we intervene in schools.


 Would you like to be trained ?


Training catalogue

Axsens bte proposes a complete pedagogical path allowing trainees to gradually reach a high level of expertise through practice. In total, we propose more than 90 INTRA and INTER company training courses as well as training courses.


Tailor-made training

Thanks to the expertise of our consultants, we have the necessary skills to support you with specific needs and issues of your company through the development of tailor-made training program.

Do not hesitate to contact us so that we can define together your expectations and objectives in order to propose you an appropriate training program.


very good trainers !

Yanis CALDER : Certified Black Belt Lean 6 sigma by “Central School of Paris”. He has a perfect command of LEAN tools and knows how to make operators subscribe to the deployment of these tools in different industrial contexts. He has a trainer certification and designs training modules in the field of Industrial Methods, Lean and Quality. He leads training courses in Inter-company, Intra-company and personalised coaching.

Abdelmoumen EL FASSI : Through his experience, the various missions he has carried out and his qualifications/certifications as a Trainer-Evaluator (Airbus Group, AirBusiness Academy,…), he has developed an expertise that allows him to combine theory (Strategies & Procedures) and practice (Applications).

Frédéric COROENNE: An AGLC (Airbus Group Learning Center & LKI (Lisi Knowledge Institute) trainer, he creates and delivers the Materials Management training modules. Certified DDMRP, APICS & Green Belt Lean 6 Sigma, his experience allows him to lead Form’Actions in industry and schools.

Christophe SOUILLE : Certified Master Black Belt by Oriel (US). He has knowledge of Lean Six Sigma in the logistics and industrial sectors. He has the experience in implementing Lean and DMAIC projects on field processes with operators but also on transactional processes. He leads training courses such as train’action in Inter-companies, Intra-company and personalized coaching.

Laurent LOPEZ : Certified Trainer by Airbus. He created the training modules and led the industrial sector sessions from 2011 to 2018. In addition, he masters lean tools (certified green belt lean 6 sigma) and knows how to make operators subscribe to the deployment of these tools in different industrial contexts. It also trains technicians in the different time measurement methods. He leads the training of research agents using the OCORDAC method.

Consulting Partner

Christoph LENHARTZ : Expert in project management, operations and supply chain management, based on solid and proven methodologies.  In 20 years, he has gained extensive international experience in the industry and has also led management consulting teams in TOC (constraint theory) implementations. He has led strategic projects of business transformation, supply chain and IT management. He is certified by the Demand Driven Institute and is one of the top 10 trainers in 2018.

“For the best return on your money, pour your purse into your head.” – Benjamin Franklin

We contribute to the academic program of prestigious schools

For several years, Axsens bte has been developing close partnerships with leading schools and universities in France. A commitment that reflects our mission: transmission of knowledge, know-how and professional practices as well as sharing expertise.