Le Bureau des Temps Élémentaires (BTE) | Référence dans le domaine de l’étude du travail
Axsens BTE


« I was trained by the bte »

The « Bureau des temps élémentaires » (bte) was created in 1938 by the cooperation of major companies of the time within the « Comité National de l’Organisation Française » (CNOF) and quickly positioned itself as the reference in the field of labour studies.

In 1942, the company separated from the CNOF and became an association under the 1901 law. It focuses mainly on the study and measurement of time, methods and scheduling in the logic of the scientific organization of work (OST).

The bte has also played an essential role in the training of thousands of companies and trainees in the form of internships.

In the 1970s and 1980s, the emergence of participatory management ideas driven by Toyotism disrupted the evolution of bte, until it was bought by Jean-Luc Subra in 1997.

Since 2010, it has experienced a new boom by merging with the Axsens brand to become Axsens bte.


1997 – 2010 : 2nd life of the box in Toulouse


Division of the box into several individual entities


15,000 trainees per year

“The best do not all go through the box, but the box is guaranteed to be among the best” (Production and management, n ° 277, p. 66)

12,000 trainees per year


10,000 trainees per year


500 member companies, 5000 trainees


Services rendered to the French economy

20 regional education centers, recognized as being of public utility for services rendered to the French economy


Lucien Lauru chairman of the board

Lucien Lauru president of the bte: “When faced with a job, we ask ourselves the question:” How long does it take to do it? It means nothing. The problem would be much more easily resolved if the question “How should the work be done?” “, Both in terms of means and working methods”


Separation from the CNOF

1942: Separation with the CNOF and statute law 1901


Creation of the box

Creation of the box, interprofessional association for the study of work at the national committee of the French organization (CNOF)


Creation of AFNOR and CNOF

Creation of AFNOR and CNOF (national committee of the French organization)


Albert Thomas and the International Labour Office

Albert Thomas and the International Labor Office