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Our Mission: Boost your industrial performance

Are you an industry player and do you need to meet your customer’s requirements? To strengthen the supply chain with your subcontractors. Improve your service rate and meet your customer’s requirements? To secure the capacity and capability of your processes? To pass customer evaluations. To switch from a “firefighter” mode to a “preventive” mode?

Our teams will help you select the right suppliers and support you in the development of your project, by ensuring the sustainability of the actions implemented in your company.

We have the expertise and skills to help you achieve this result.


Maturity diagnosis:

In a changing economic environment, with non similar customer requirements, it is essential for all industrial companies to be aware of the degree of maturity of their processes and organization.

With qualified evaluators, our team carries out evaluations and diagnoses for many companies all over the world: Germany, England, United States, Spain, Austria, France, Italy, Romania, Morocco, in order to get a clear view of the situation, so as to:

  • Analyse existing information (documentation, processes, application…)
  • Define the areas for improvement

Advanced Product Quality Planning (APQP):

In a high and constantly evolving competitive environment, companies must be as efficient as possible but also proactive. They must therefore switch from a corrective mode to a preventive mode, avoid errors as soon as possible, stop emergency/crisis management, anticipate and meet customer expectations regardless of the customer.

Advanced Product Quality Planning (APQP) is the right structured approach for this.

The objective of the methodology is clear: to get it right the first time! This method has proven successful and is today an crucial success factor for early planning and continuous quality management. 

Thanks to our expertise, we help companies to understand the basic principles of the “APQP” approach and the steps to follow for successful set-up. We carry out coaching (Form’Action) to deploy the process and thus ensure the proper functioning of the implementation of this method!   

Supplier development:

We work closely with companies to achieve defined objectives (internal and customer) and meet customer requirements. 

We support you from the response to a call for tenders to the deployment of customer requirements (based on “Best Practices”, customer procedures and international standards), including the creation of deliverables in response to requirements, the preparation of customer evaluations, the maturity diagnosis (documentary & field) and the definition and monitoring of action plans.

Our experts carry out field supervision to support companies in the development and implementation of industrial methods and tools that strengthen and optimize processes throughout the Supply Chain. They provide all necessary support, including training needs.

With a Multilingual panel of experienced trainers and consultants, very close to the field, we will be able to deliver the right solution, fitting your context and needs.

We have the right industrial maturity training module for you !

Advanced Product Quality Planning (APQP)

Assessment of industrial maturity

Key Characteristics (KC)