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Training – Key Characteristics (KC)

You wish to:
• Control risks during development and production of your products
• Control your processes
• Better structure your priorities
• Better meet the expectations of your external and internal clients
• Improve your performance
• Anticipate possible deviations

Price/session: 1 495€ excl.tax/person – 1,5 days
Available : distance, english

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Training – Managerial performance: Management and Leadership

Leadership is unfortunately rarely addressed in managerial practices. A lot of time is spent developing managerial skills without integrating those of the leader. These skills are complementary and inseparable. The leaders are focused on change and management, while the managers are focused on the management of activities and their complexity.
The complementarity of the two often ensures an improvement in the performance of a team on an individual and collective basis and therefore the achievement of results.

1 735€ excl.tax/person – 3 days
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Training – Be an actor of its change and live it better

Change is a state of affairs whose objective may be daily or medium-term. Change is made necessary by the necessity to improve technical, human and/or organisational performance. Effective change must be accepted by the members of the board of directors, by managers and by employees.
Change must take place in a serene climate, where stress must be turned to a positive, energizing and non-destructive factor. The conditions for achieving change must be understood at all levels of the company. Each actor of the company must be able to express himself in his working environment in order to better understand the transition between the situation before change and the situation after. Whatever the nature of the change, it must be systematically accompanied by communication adapted to the actors.

1 320€ excl.tax – 2 days
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Training – Labour law for managers

Managing people to improve operational performance in the short and medium term is a major challenge for a company. Making the right decision is just as important for a manager. It must take into account the political, economic, technical and social context in order to further federate the team and keep those concerned by the decision in a positive dynamic. This is why managers must have basic legal knowledge to manage their sometimes complex situations.

1 320€ excl.tax/person – 2 days
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Training – Successfully complete the annual assessment of the operational performance of its managers

Considering that hierarchical management, called “vertical” as opposed to “transversal” management, is the essential vector for transmitting information, but also for evaluating employee performance, it is necessary to have employees (=managers) who are competent over time, committed and evolving. To do this, it is essential to give them the meaning and vision of the company and to be able to evaluate them at constant intervals according to objectives set in the short and medium term.

1 735€ excl.tax/person– 3 days
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Training – Customer satisfaction survey

The survey is the highlight of customer satisfaction evaluation and a crucial moment in the process. Indeed, it allows to make the link between the quality requests of the supplier (taking into account market expectations) and the perceived quality by the customer.

1 735€ excl.tax/person – 3 days
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Training – Proximity management

-Front-line managers must cope with the new requirements of their teams in terms of forms of management and communication: relationship to authority, precarious jobs, speed, media, social networks, etc.
-Field managers are often very good technicians. This gives them the possibility of career development.
They have the legitimacy to lead teams.

2 640€ excl.tax/person – 4 days
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